General Education Mission and Program Outcomes PDF document

(approved by Faculty Senate on July 11, 2017)



Presentations by Paul Hanstedt — May 18 & 19, 2017

Keynote Session
Creating Wicked Students: Why we should, how we can.

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Town Hall Sessions
Current Trends in Liberal Education: What’s Driving the Change?

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Task Force members:


Steve Scheck Steve Scheck (co-chair)
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
503-838-8271 |
Breeann Flesch Breeann Flesch (co-chair)
Associate Professor, Computer Science Division
503-838-9489 |
Camila Gabaldon Camila Gabaldon
Associate Professor, Collection Development Librarian, Library
503-838-8653 |
Rachel Harrington Rachel Harrington
Associate Professor, Division of Teacher Education
503-838-8831 |
Shaun Huston Shaun Huston
Professor, Social Science Division
(503) 838-8296 |
Ethan McMahan Ethan McMahan
Professor, Behavioral Sciences
503-838-8634 |
Mark Perlman Mark Perlman
Professor, Humanities Division
503-838-8969 |
Brent Redpath Brent Redpath
NTT Instructor, Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies
(VP) 503-831-8277 |
Adele Schepige Adele Schepige
Professor, Division of Teacher Education
(503) 838-8485 |
Dan Tankersley Dan Tankersley
Associate Professor, Creative Arts Division
503-838-9658 |
Jeffrey Templeton Jeffrey Templeton
Professor, Natural Science and Mathematics
503-838-8858 |
Gay Timken Gay Timken
Professor, Division of Health and Exercise Science
503-838-8217 |
Zenon Zygmont Zenon Zygmont
Professor, Business and Economics
(503)838-8244 |




Center for Academic Innovation

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