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Credit Overlay Program

Please note that our contact information has recently changed. Our new information is:

phone 503-838-8521 | fax 503-838-8228

Credit Overlay serves as an outreach program for Western Oregon University (WOU). It is designed to support and facilitate professional development and career advancement for educators and other professionals in the region. Opportunities may include:

  • Professional development seminars and workshops
  • Career advancement training sessions and certification courses
  • Conferences and other professional learning experiences sponsored or hosted by WOU
Course List


Registration Form

  • Propose a Credit Overlay Course
  • Register for a Credit Overlay Course
  • Request Transcripts

To propose a Credit Overlay course, please complete and submit the following materials to our office via email (partnerships@wou.edu) or fax (503-838-8228). Materials must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the course start date. Additional requirements for each component are available below or by request:

 Important notes:

  • Undergraduate courses are not a focus for this program.
  • Graduate level courses must require at least 30 hours of student work per credit. Professional development courses must require at least 10 hours.
  • Instructors for graduate level courses must have a minimum of a masters degree in a related field. Professional development instructors must have a minimum of 5 years related experience.
  • Credit Overlay may not be advertised until course approval has been confirmed.

 Questions? Please contact us! Or download our program regulations.

To register for a Credit Overlay course, please follow these steps:

 Important notes:

  • There is a registration fee of $60 per credit for all Credit Overlay courses.
  • A full refund is automatically issued if a Credit Overlay course is canceled. No other refunds will be issued.
  • Credit Overlay may not be advertised until course approval has been confirmed.

 Questions? Please contact us! 

There are several ways to request official transcripts from WOU:

More details are available on the Registrar’s webpage: https://www.wou.edu/provost/registrar/forms/transcript_instruct.php



College of Education – Strategic Partnerships

503-838-8521 | or e-mail: partnerships@wou.edu | Location: RWEC 218