Students are expected to have all current term charges paid by the designated due dates listed in the Academic Calendar (unless they are using the revolving charge program for the term). This includes all tuition, fees, housing charges, insurance, etc., that may have been added after the term begins. Failure to receive a billing is not an acceptable excuse for late payment.

Proof of immunization:

All incoming freshman, transfer and graduate students born After January 1, 1957 are required to show proof of two measles (Rubeola) immunizations. This proof must be presented at the Student Health Center prior to fee payment. Students not in compliance will not be permitted to attend or pay fees.


Academic year tuition includes the following mandatory fees:

tuition, building, incidental, technology, health and wellness recreation center building fee and health service. Instruction fees are established to provide support for the cost of instructional expenditures. Building fees are used to repay building fee debt service. The incidental fee supports student union activities, athletic activities, and educational, cultural and student government activities. The technology fee is a resource fee in support of the maintenance and enhancement of technology. The health and wellness center building fees are used to repay health and wellness center building debt service. The health service fee gives students access to the Student Health and Counseling Centers. The Matriculation Fee is a one time fee that all admitted students must pay to matriculate into the University.


Tuition and Regular Fees:

Notice is hereby given that by definition, any person who holds a degree from an accredited college or university is considered to be a graduate student for fee purposes, with the exception of formally admitted graduate students who have been admitted as a Post Baccalaureate Nongraduate declaration. These students are limited to enrollment in undergraduate courses.


Special Fees:

In some cases, these are the costs for the year 2014-2015; since new rates are not available at press time, you should be aware of a possible increase.

  • Graduate Assistantships
  • Students planning to enroll under a Graduate Assistantship should contact the appropriate division office for detailed information about the program.
  • Staff rates do not entitle the person to privileges of the incidental, or health services fees. Staff and faculty are subject to the same late fees, revolving charge, and interest policies as all other students. Dependents of staff and faculty are eligible upon approval from Human Resources to use staff rates and in addition are required to pay all incidental and health fees and thus receive associated fee benefits.
  • Special Fees, Fines and Service Charges
    • Late registration/fee payment fee for all students:
      • Beginning at the close of the fifth (5th) calendar day after classes begin: $100.00
        • If adding beyond the first due date of the term you must pay at least one third of the total term charges the same business day to avoid late fees and revolving charge.
      • Return of check fee: $25.00
        (If any institutional charges are met by check which is returned because of any irregularity for which the person submitting it is responsible [NSF, illegible signature, improper bank account number, etc.] the above fees will be charged.)
    • Change of schedule fee-per line item, add or drop: 20.00 per line
    • Special examination for credit, per examination: $25.00 per credit
    • Transcript fee: $5.00
    • “Rush” Transcript fee for processing in two business days: $10.00
    • “Same-Day Rush” Official Transcript: $30.00
    • Miller Analogies Test fee: $99.00

Note: Western Oregon University reserves the right to change the schedule of fees without notice.


Students as full-time with Less than 12 credits:

It is Western’s policy to recognize there are times that some students will be in a situation that necessitates a full-time course load at less than 12 credits. A student shall be considered full-time when registered for less than 12 credits when said student is identified by an authority on campus as needing this service. Authority shall include but not be limited to the President, the Provost, and the Director of Disability Services. The Registrar will have on file a record of all students each term who fall within this status. Students who have been identified, with reason, as being full-time while taking less than 12 credits shall enjoy all the benefits of a regular full-time student. Federal statute requires that for Federal Financial Aid purposes a full-time course load is considered to be 12 credits for undergraduates/post baccalaureates and 9 credits for a graduate student working towards a Master’s program. With Reason shall include but not be limited to an accommodation for a student with a disability. Benefits shall include but not be limited to eligibility for Western Scholarships based on GPA status, Dean’s list, and access to services based on full-time status.


Photo I.D. cards:

One I.D. card will be issued to each student attending Western free of charge. These cards are to be used for your entire tenure at Western at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Anyone needing a replacement card will be assessed a $15.00 fee. If you lose your I.D. card, you may get a replacement at the WUC Information Desk, Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM. If you are living on campus, you will need to obtain a temporary meal card from the housing office while your replacement card is being processed. An additional fee will be assessed for this. Anyone using the WOU library will need a valid I.D. card. Please note: This card serves as a meal card for resident hall students.

Revolving charge program:

When a student’s requested class schedule has been confirmed the registration process is complete and a valid accounts receivable may be accrued by this institution. Western requires all students to complete a Revolving Charge Account Plan Contract to be kept on file in the Business Office. For any term that you do not pay in full on the first designated due date in the Class Schedule on the Academic Calendar, you will be assessed a $12.00 service charge. The option to pay in full at the beginning of the term always exists. Subsequent payments are always due on the first of the following month. Interest is charged on any unpaid balance at the rate of one percent per month, or fraction thereof (12% APR). To be considered a fully enrolled student at least one-third of all the current term charges plus any past due balance must be paid at the beginning of the term. Also two-thirds of your current term charges will have to be paid before a student will be able to register for subsequent terms. A more detailed statement of policy is available at the Business Office.

Short term deferment:

Western students may be eligible for a short term institutional deferment. This plan may be used when a student is unable to come up with the first third of the current term charges that are due at the beginning of the current term. A service charge of $12.00 per term is charged if the student is in need of this service. Deferments not repaid when due will be assessed interest of one percent per month, or fraction thereof (12% APR). Short term deferments may be used in conjunction with the revolving charge plan. A more detailed statement of policy is available at the Business Office.

Emergency loans:

Western students may be eligible for an Emergency institutional loan. These loans are for emergencies that a student may have other than institutional charges. A separate promissory note is required for these loans. Depending on the amount of the loan that is needed the service charge is $5.00 per hundred (or fraction thereof) borrowed. Loans not repaid when due will be assessed a $5.00 late fee plus interest at one percent per month, or fraction thereof (12% APR). A more detailed statement of policy is available at the Business Office.

Fee refunds:

Tuition refund schedule for complete withdrawal, cancellations and course load reduction can be found on the Refund Schedule website. Tuition refund schedule is in effect even if you have not paid or attended classes. You must cancel in WRITING with the Registrar’s office prior to the start of the term to NOT be responsible for tuition. Students must officially withdraw or cancel whether or not they attend classes. All refunds are determined by the date of receipt of the written request in the Registrar’s office, and are based on calendar days.

Any claim for refund, other that those indicated above, must be made in writing before the close of the term in which the claim originated. Exceptions to the refund schedule may be made by Business Services in those cases where circumstances exist which are beyond the control of the student. In no case will a refund exception be made beyond one year from the end of the term in which the claim originated. Refund policy examples are available in the Business Office. Any refunds will be used to repay unpaid amounts due the University before any money is forwarded to the student. Note: the Western Oregon University reserves the right to change refund dates and/or percentages without notice.


Health insurance:

Foreign students must purchase the school sponsored health insurance unless they can present proof to the International Education Office of their government sponsored insurance.


Business office/parking:

All persons who park in Western Oregon University parking lots are required to have a valid parking permit. The following is a list of 2015-2016 permit prices.

Full year permit $84.00 Term permits $44.00
Permit starting Winter Term $69.00 Monthly permits $30.00
Permit starting Spring Term $54.00 Weekly permits $10.00
Permit starting Summer Term $44.00 Daily permits $2.00

Note: persons failing to display a proper permit may be fined. For additional information, please call the Business Office.

Public Safety: The primary responsibility is to provide a system for protection and safety for persons, buildings and vehicles. Services provided include: 24 hour patrol, Crime prevention, Criminal investigation, Vehicle assistance (jumps/unlocks), Building door unlocks, Incident response, Escorts (24 hours/day), Parking enforcement, Lost and found, Special event coverage, Risk management, Special event insurance.

Collection efforts:

Western Oregon University is “…responsible for exercising diligence in collecting accounts and notes receivable.” Actions that may be taken to meet that requirement include but are not limited to:

  • Withholding of transcripts and grades
  • Cancellation or denial of registration
  • Cancellation of future accounts receivable privileges
  • Application of any refund toward debts with other State Public Universities
  • Late penalties and interest
  • Offset procedures with other state agencies
  • Submission of the debt to the Department of Revenue or an outside collection agency for collection efforts
  • Reporting account delinquency to Credit Bureaus


Business Office

503-838-8201 | or e-mail: BusinessOffice@wou.edu | Location: First floor of the Admin building