Refund schedule

General Information

A course may be withdrawn during the fifth, sixth or seventh week of the term by using the Official Withdrawal Process, but the course will be recorded on the transcript as a Withdrawn “W” course and full tuition will be charged.


Fall Term 2018
Winter Term 2019
Spring Term 2019
Refund % Last Day Last Day Last Day
100% Fri., Sept. 28 Fri., Jan. 11 Fri., April 5
75% Fri., Oct. 5 Fri., Jan. 18 Fri., April 12
50% Fri., Oct. 12 Fri., Jan. 25 Fri., April 19
25% Fri., Oct. 19 Fri., Feb. 1 Fri., April 26


Refund consideration is automatic; no special request is necessary. Action to process a refund cannot begin until after the two-week add period (first two weeks of a term) has passed. It may take as many as six additional weeks for the refund to reach the student


Student Health Center Fee

Fees associated with the purchase of student health services are not refundable. The health service fees will be deducted before calculating refunds.


Dropping all Courses

Completely dropping all classes does not cancel a student’s obligation to pay a student loan or the balance of a revolving charge account. Refund calculations are based on the total tuition and fees. Students with outstanding accounts such as short-term loans, emergency loans, residence hall charges, and any other financial obligations due the University, will have any refund due them applied against the obligation. Reminder: You are obligated to pay the current term’s tuition (or some portion thereof during the above refund period) if you have not cancelled in advance of the start of the term on the web or in writing with the Registrar’s Office once classes have started. Refund policy and calculation are matters separate from tuition payment arrangements. Refunds for students on financial aid are credited back to the proper financial aid account.

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 503-838-8475.


Military Service

The refund policy generally provides for full refund of dropped or withdrawn courses resulting from entering or being called to active duty in the military service within the current term. No refund is available for course work in which a student has received academic credit or from courses not dropped/withdrawn. For a full refund, the student must make a written request to the Office of Business Services. Documentation of the military orders is required.

A student voluntarily enlisting in a military service must drop/withdraw according to existing academic policy, procedures and deadlines, or by petition to the Office of Business Services.


Tuition & Fee Refund Appeal

If you are confronted with an unexpected circumstance that requires you to withdraw from your course(s) you may request review by submitting a request to appeal the refund policy. Please describe, in detail, the circumstance and how it required withdrawal from your course(s). Requests must be submitted by using the Tuition & Fee Refund Appeal Form. A response will be sent to your WOU email. Please allow two weeks for your request to be reviewed.

Note: If you are appealing due to medical reasons, do not complete this request. Medical withdrawal review is submitted to the Dean of Students. You can find more information here.



Business Office

503-838-8201 | or e-mail: | Location: First floor of the Admin building