GuthrieDirector, Student Enrichment Program – WOU

Marshall Habermann-Guthrie has served in higher education since 2003, joining WOU in 2010, and now serves as the director of WOU’s Student Enrichment Program (TRIO-SSS). Guthrie participated on the WOU Staff Senate for two years, serving as president in 2011‐12. Guthrie is involved in his community, having served as a Monmouth city councilor, chair of the City of Monmouth Budget Committee, the Monmouth representative of the WIMPEG (Public, Education, Government) Broadcast Committee, and co‐chair of the Ford Family Pathways Project – a community group focused on collaboration between the three local communities: WOU, Monmouth and Independence. His passion to serve students who are first‐generation, low income, or disabled, and achieve the dream of a college education is evident in the passion he demonstrates in his work at WOU. Guthrie obtained a bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa and a master’s degree from University of Central Missouri.