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WOUGSA, Gerontology Student Association


Next WOUGSA Meeting – TBA


WOUGSA Officers 2017 – 2018

Margaret and student

Co-President: Lila Gardner
Co-President, KEO Representative: Shannon Ellis
Treasurer: Stephano Nevarez
Secretary: Raelynn Johnston
Volunteer/Activities Director: Elisa Moore
Public Relations Representative: Michelle Patterson

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Want to be a WOUGSA member?  Click here for a printable application.


Gerontology Department Head:
Dr. Margaret Manoogian
Email: manoogim@wou.edu
(503) 751-4201


Behavioral Sciences Division Chair:
Dr. Chehalis Strapp
Email: strappc@wou.edu
(503) 838-8316


Division Administrative Assistant:
Linda Kunze
Email: kunzel@wou.edu
(503) 838-8344




Behavioral Sciences Division

(503) 838-8344 | or e-mail: kunzel@wou.edu  | Location: Todd 325