Erik morgan jr., aswou president


The ASWOU President is the first line of action in student advocacy. The President represents student’s needs with University staff, the governments, and as a member of the student body.   The ASWOU President has the ability to write Executive Orders, as established in the ASWOU By-Laws: EXECUTIVE ORDERS: a. Any Executive Order issued by the ASWOU President, or acting ASWOU President, from previous years or current, may be overturned at any time by the ASWOU Senate with a two-thirds vote without the assent of the ASWOU President or acting ASWOU President. b. If the ASWOU Senate successfully overturns any Executive Order with the required two-thirds vote, the ASWOU President or acting ASWOU President will have no further recourse and the matter will be considered concluded. c. Upon successful overturn of an Executive Order, the Senate President will notify the ASWOU President of the ASWOU Senate’s decision, and provide the ASWOU President a written explanation of the ASWOU Senate’s decision.




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