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Robert Tomlinson Artist Statement

In the last year, both the structure and content of my work has changed dramatically. Most of what will be on display in the Cannon Gallery will offer evidence of this shift away from making singular, iconic images in favor of creating eclectic compositions with a wide range of different materials.


Language is now a more dominant force in the composition and content of my work. The history of the alphabet and the nature of words opens up expansive new ways of exploring mark-making in the realm of poetry.


I work with fragments, orchestrating a specific theme for each work or series, which revolves around my interest in memory and perception, place and absence, intuition and intention. Each material has its own “voice.” I enjoy discovering what that is and creating a means through which it resonates. Asking the right questions has always seemed more important to me than arriving at answers.


Robert Tomlinson

December 2014


Art Department Office Coordinator - Laura Killip

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