Tim Timmerman

Whomever Brought Me Here

is Going to Have to Take Me Home


Opening Reception:

Wednesday, September 28, 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Artist’s Statement

I tend to pick up things; a thought, a comment, an object, story, symbol, figure, idea, or image. They’re all rendered down in the constant companion of my sketchbook, or placed on a shelf in my studio to stare back at me for months to come.  Sometimes these items, objects, images, and ideas sit for years before I find a home for them. Others find a voice quite quickly

Creating artwork for me is an adventure in sincerity; a reflection of the moment, a place to wrestle, and a place negotiate my faith.   It embodies the nuts and bolts of the human condition and intangible realities. My creations through analogy, character, symbol and story, face fears, spell out hopes, and dive into joy and sorrow.

The artwork I produce may be humorous, somber, intriguing or puzzling.  The works I create demark and negotiate the odd configuration of what makes us innately human; those disparate events that shape us into who we are.  Moreover, the artwork is about making the hard choice to continue to grow up, in the blessing and mess of it all.