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Robin Smith

Professor, Anthropology

(503) 838-8357 | smithr@wou.edu | HSS 209 | MW 6 - 7, TR 12 - 1:30, and by appointment

Ph.D., University of Florida 1982 (Anthropology)

Research: I am a North American archaeologist with interests in both prehistoric and historic period cultures. I have worked at sites in the Southeast ranging from the Late Archaic and Contact eras to the Spanish Colonial, Seminole War and Plantation periods. In Oregon I have dug in the Cascades, Willamette Valley and Coast regions at Native American and Euro-American sites. I enjoy initiating students in the methods of scientific discovery and the joys and challenges of teamwork. My courses are primarily related to archaeology but include a number of other interests, including how humans evolved and gender as the fundamental organizing principle in human societies. Currently I am pursuing opportunities to increase my knowledge of past and present cultures of Canada.


Teaching: Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, World Prehistory, Human Evolution, North American Prehistory, Mothers and Daughters, Research Methods in Archaeology, Laboratory Methods in Archaeology, Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Women Anthropologists, Field Methods in Archaeology, Visual Anthropology, History and Theory of Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Northwest Indian Cultures, and Indian America.


Website: http://www.wou.edu/~smithr/





Department of Anthropology

503-838-8357 | or e-mail: smithr@wou.edu