April 2019

Hello alumni and friends! Happy spring! Campus is beautiful right now with the cherry trees in bloom and daffodils springing up all over. The air smells sweet from the various flora in bloom and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. It is a gorgeous time to visit Monmouth and walk through campus. Springtime is truly special here.       

Along with the trees blooming and the flowers popping up, campus is bustling with people and springtime activities. Seniors are gearing up for graduation and starting their plans for internships, careers and leaving WOU. Events of all sizes and shapes are being planned and celebrations are starting to happen. Commencement is scheduled for Saturday, June 15 and is FREE to attend! Before we get into spring events and happenings, let’s look back at what happened in March, it was an exciting month!    

Giving Day 

March 5, 2019 was Giving Day, hosted by WOU Annual Fund. It’s the biggest one-day fundraiser we do annually and this year was our biggest success yet! In just one day of giving, we raised more than $70,000 which will go towards scholarships for our incredible and deserving students. We cannot thank our donors enough for their generosity and making this our most successful Giving Day yet! On the morning of Giving Day WOU Alumni Relations hosted a beverage and pastry party on the patio of the WUC. Any passersby were encouraged to grab a donut or scone and fill their cup with hot chocolate or coffee as the day was all about giving back. Overall it was a fantastic and rewarding day of giving. Thank you again to all of our donors and those who helped us our students. Go Wolves! 

CJ Career Fair 

The annual Criminal Justice Career fair hosted by SLCD was held on Wednesday, March 6. Police Departments, the FBI, local and regional youth and adult correctional programs and more were included in the employers present. WOU Alumni Relations was present at a table to connect with CJ alums who returned to campus to represent their company. We had giveaways and were able to speak with many CJ alums. What a fun day of connection and watching students explore their interested career field! 

Men’s b-ball

For the fourth consecutive year, the WOU men’s basketball team made it to NCAA regional playoffs! The Wolves were awarded a number 8 seed and traveled to San Diego, CA to take on the #1 ranked Point Loma Sea lions in the first round. Unfortunately the Wolves lost that game and were out of the tournament but the team played well all year under head coach alum Jim Shaw. Well done Wolves, congratulations! 


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Emily Lafon Alumni Relations Coordinator

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