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Preparing for Your Appointment

Our services at the Learning Center are available to all WOU students, but do have some limitations. We want you to have a successful experience with your tutor. That usually requires some preparation on your part.

  • Attend class regularly
  • Bring all needed materials to your appointment
  • Work on the assignment, reading, etc. before you come to your appointment
  • Take charge by telling the tutor what you need
  • Tutors are not here to do your work for you
  • Use your professor as your primary source of information


Tutors are peer students who have been recommended by faculty in their subject area. Tutors make weekly available appointment hours that fit their schedules. Sometimes they have other options, please ask if your availability does not match up. Tutors are not always “straight A” students; they do have at least a 3.00 GPA and have excelled in the area they are tutoring. Since everyone has subjects that are more difficult or just require more effort, it is not unusual for our tutors to give help in one area and get help in another. They have learned how to use their resources to succeed.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for our tutoring services, you must be a currently enrolled WOU student and registered in the requested class. You may sign up for NO MORE than 2 hours per course per week. Tutoring begins the second week of each term and goes through Dead Week!


Appointment based tutors try to open as many hours as they can with their schedules. Please be considerate with their time.

  • Schedule the estimated time you will need
  • Arrive a few minutes early and check-in at the front desk
  • Come prepared to be tutored
  • Cancel your appointment ASAP if you cannot come. You must cancel at least 2 hours prior to your appointment, or it will be marked a no show.

Tutoring is done by appointment. Most tutoring is available one-on-one. If it seems appropriate for the course, more than one student may be able to sign up for an appointment (usually up to 3 or 5 maximum). You should check the course and professor for other people signed up to make sure it is appropriate to join them. For instance, students from SPAN 103 and 203 probably will not want to practice conversation together. If someone is working on a Spanish paper, they will probably need the time alone.

Study groups may be set up for a particular course and often for a particular professor.  If you see a study group time listed for your course, you will need to sign up since there is a maximum number of students allowed. If you would like to set up a study session for your class, contact the Tutoring Coordinator or a tutor in that area.

No Tutor Available

If you do not find a tutor available for the course you are seeking tutoring services for, complete the following:

  • Come into the AALC and fill-out a ‘Tutor Request Form.’ This lets us know that a tutor is needed in this courses/subject.
  • Tutor with your professor during their office hours and encourage them to recommend possible students as tutors to tutoring@wou.edu.
  • Create study groups with classmates.

Schedule a tutor appointment

The Schedule a Tutor application is located though the WOU Portal system. Simply click the Schedule a tutor link, then click the subject which you wish to receive tutoring. Once you click on the course, you will see a list of the appointments available for any given day. To schedule an appointment, click on the open time link. You will then be prompted to confirm your appointment. To sign up, estimate how much time you will need and ACTUALLY use. Tutoring blocks on the schedule are 15 minutes. Click on the time that works for you and sign up. Each “open” block will last that long. If you need longer than 15 minutes, you can adjust the total time through a drop down menu. The menu only allows for 1 hour incriments. If you need longer than 1 hour, you can schedule up-to another 1 hour block.

Plan to sign up in advance. Some tutors and subjects fill up right away, especially around midterms and finals. Tutors will often try to make extra appointments if they can, but times are first come, first serve. Plan in advance and don’t miss out. Scheduling appointments is cut off 10 hours before the scheduled start time. Thus, if you want an 8AM appointment, you must schedule by 10PM the night before.

Canceling a Tutoring Appointment

  1. Log into the Schedule a tutor application.
  2. Click on the appointment you would like to cancel.
  3. Select the cancel this appointment button.
  4. As a matter of courtesy, we ask that you cancel and/or reschedule a reservation at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  This allows other students to use the tutor or for the tutor to make other plans. If you need to cancel on the same day as your appointment, you will need to call the front desk to cancel (503-838-8428). You must cancel your appointment at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, or it will be marked a no-show.
  5. When you fail to show for a scheduled appointment, you will be marked as a NO SHOW.  After 3 “no shows”, you will no longer have access to the online appointment book for the duration of the term.  Access will be reinstated at the start of the following term.

Need Help?

If you have trouble making or cancelling appointments, please contact the Academic Advising and Learning Center at (503) 838-8428. 

Our goal is to be able to provide academic tutoring to fit your needs. That’s difficult to predict each term and we count on you to communicate your needs. If you can’t work around the scheduled times offered, or we don’t have anyone tutoring the course you need, let us know. You can make a request by stopping by our office and filling out a form at the reception desk. You can also contact us by email to make a request, comment or suggestion. Even though it’s not always possible, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Tutoring is not something you should wait until you KNOW you are failing a course. In fact, it’s often difficult to help as much then. Be smart and use your resources. We actually have more honor roll students than failing students that use tutors. We want you to have a successful, rewarding academic life at Western Oregon University.




Academic Advising and Learning Center

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