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Pre-Biology Advising

The Academic Advising and Learning Center advises first year biology students as they complete introductory Biology coursework.

The AALC will advise students during their first year at WOU to:

  • Work on beginning LACC requirements
  • Work on B.A./B.S. requirements and
  • and Complete the following Pre-Biology courses:
    • Biology 211-213
    • Math 111
    • Chemistry 221 – Must be ENROLLED in or have completed CH 221.

Students will remain with an AALC advisor until they have passed BI 211 with a C or better OR earned a 2.0 average on the 200 level Biology sequence, earned a C- or better in Math 111, and have enrolled/completed CH 221.

Biology Placement Exam

The Department of Biology at Western Oregon University is committed to helping students succeed in our majors-level coursework, which begins with Biology 211 (Principles of Biology).  We require students interested in taking Biology 211 to take the Biology Placement Test, unless they have earned a B or higher in college-level Biology 102 (or equivalent).  This test is designed to let you, your advisor, and the Biology Department, know whether you have the necessary background to enable you to do well in Biology 211.  These scores will NOT be recorded on your transcript nor will they affect your admissions status or financial aid award.

This test is available on a walk-in basis spring, summer, and fall terms.  To take this test, students must be accepted and admitted to WOU, and have a current WOU V-number.  The test is administered at the Academic Advising and Learning Center (AALC, www.wou.edu/provost/aalc/advising) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The AALC serves many students and needs on a first-come, first-served basis – which means that students may need to wait during peak times (e.g. week 7 through finals).

For more information on the Biology Placement Test click here.



Academic Advising and Learning Center

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