The Student Success Lecture Series began in the summer of 2015. Below is a list of prior lecturers.

Year Lecture Lecturer(s) Institution Video
February 1st, 2017 “Is Flipped Advising the Future of Advising” Dr. George Steele Ohio State Learning Network 2-1 Steele
November 30th, 2016 “Professor, Scholar, Advisor, Guide: The Multiple Roles of Faculty in Ensuring Student Success” Dr. Jayne Drake Temple University (Retired) 11-30 Drake
April 14th, 2016 “Reality Check: Advising Students out of a Major“ Nicole Kent Oregon State University 7-16 Kent
January 27th, 2016 The Future of Advising: Why Connected Advising Matters Dr. Laura Pasquini University of North Texas 4-27 Pasquini
November 14th, 2015 Academic Advising and Personal Tutoring: A View from Across the Pond Penny Robinson UKAT: United Kingdom Advising and Personal Tutoring Network 11-14 Robinson
July 16th, 2015 Advising Students on Developing Resiliency Kerry Thomas and Nova Schauss Oregon State University N/A

Western Oregon University would like to thank all of these amazing lecturers for their time.




Student Success and Advising

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