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Tuition Choice

The Western Tuition Choice

In 2007, Western Oregon University created the Western Tuition Promise, guaranteeing undergraduates that they would be protected from the often unexpectedly high tuition increases that many universities and colleges impose upon their students. In 2012, WOU expanded the Tuition Promise and created the Tuition Choice. WOU now offers students and their families a choice to select the payment plan that best meets their financial needs.



Tuition Promise

  • Save Later
  • Tuition price stability – no increases throughout the four years it should take to graduate
  • Possible tuition savings if WOU is forced to increase tuition above 4-5%

Traditional Plan

  • Save Now
  • Lower starting tuition rate than Tuition Promise
  • Annual increases expected around 2-4% per year, but could be up to 10% if state support for higher education declines



Selecting your Tuition Choice

  • New students will have the opportunity to make their Tuition Choice at orientation or when they register for classes. Students should review this information carefully ahead of time in order to make an informed decision.
  • If necessary, students can make a one-time change to their selected plan by contacting Associate Provost David McDonald at mcdonald@wou.edu up to three weeks prior to the start of the term.

Eligibility Information

  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students from Oregon and Western Undergraduate Exchange states are eligible for the Tuition Choice. Students from other states or countries are not eligible for the Tuition Choice and will be automatically assigned the Traditional Plan.
  • New freshmen are eligible for four years of guaranteed tuition under the Tuition Promise. Transfer students will receive a pro-rated period which equates 15 transferred college credits to one academic term of Tuition Promise eligibility.
  • Online courses have a different tuition rate than on-campus classes and are not included in the Tuition Promise.
  • The Tuition Choice complements financial aid. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid and scholarship opportunities.




The Office of Admissions

toll-free at 1877-877-1593 | or e-mail: wolfgram@wou.edu | Location: APSC 408