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Creative Arts Day

Creative Arts Day 2017

Friday, October 20th, 2017

Registration is now closed. We look forward to seeing you next year!


 8:45am – 9:45am  Arrival and Check-In
 10:00am – 11:00am  Session/Workshop #1
 11:10am – 1:00pm  Admissions Presentation, Tour, and Lunch
 1:10pm – 2:10pm  Session/Workshop #2
 2:15pm  Event Concludes



Monotype Printmaking (Both sessions)

Description: Create a one-of-a-kind “trace transfer” image by pressing various materials (pencils, textured objects, fingertips, etc) against thin printing paper that has been laid on an inked Plexiglas plate.

Maximum capacity: 20 students / Location: CH 209 / Instructor: Professor Becca McCannell


Steampunk Insect Workshop (Morning session only)

Description: Create a futuristic insect specimen using clay, discarded metal pieces, and wire. This workshop combines “steampunk” (science fiction featuring steam- powered machinery) with entomology (the science of insects) to create futuristic, robotic insects that appear to be powered by gears and mechanicals.

Maximum capacity: 20 students   / Location: CH 012
 / Instructor: Professor Mary Harden


Life Drawing (Both sessions)

Description:  An introduction to drawing the clothed human figure. Participants will explore several different techniques and drawing media.

Maximum capacity: 20 students   / Location: CH 111
 / Instructor: Gregory Poulin


Photoshop Compositing (Both morning and afternoon sessions)

Description: Students will learn a basic technique for combining two images in Photoshop.

Max. of 14 students per session / ITC 104 / Instructor: Daniel Tankersley


Learning about Balance with Image Transfer (both sessions)

Description: A workshop on balance (symmetry, approximate symmetry and asymmetry) using image transfer (CitraSolv and photocopies of random images).

Location: CH 202 / Maximum capacity: 21 students / Instructor: Jodie Garrison and Diane Tarter


Hit Record! (both sessions)

Description: This workshop will feature a live recording session. Participants will learn the basic steps of how music is recorded. They will play an active role in positioning microphones, adjusting sound equipment, assessing the sound, etc.

Location: APS 226   / Maximum capacity: 15 students / Instructor: Dirk Freymuth


Digital Composition (both sessions)

Description:  Write a simple song in one hour.  Participants will learn basic functions of the industry-standard Finale software, and will compose a short piece that they can listen to and save as a PDF and/or audio file.

Location:  APS 101 / Maximum Capacity: 15 / Instructor: Tom Bergeron


Conduct Yourself (both sessions)

Description: Learn the sign language of a conductor and practice leading a group through simple exercises.

Location: SH 108   / Maximum capacity: 30 students / Instructor: Ike Nail


Play the Drums Now (both sessions)

Description: Learn to play basic beats on a state-of- the art electronic drum set. The class takes place in WOU’s drum set lab.

Location: APS 102   / Maximum capacity: 16 students / Instructor: Mike Snyder


Jazz Dance (morning session only)

Description: Description: This class will explore jazz dance at the fundamental level and exposure to the eclectic range from its vernacular roots to the fusion styles of today. Through the experience of jazz dance technique, jazz music and jazz history, students will gain a better understanding of jazz dance and the role it plays in professional dance today.  No experience necessary.

Location: Maple Hall    Maximum capacity: 30 students  /  Instructor: Cynthia Gutierrez-Garner


East Coast Swing (afternoon session only)

Description: The “swing” emerged in the 1920s and 30s during the rise of jazz, big band, and swing music and evolved into many different styles throughout the 90s. In this session, students will learn the east-coast swing, similar to the jitterbug. Focus will be on learning the basic steps and rhythms, variations, and partnering techniques. No experience is necessary.

Location: OPE Gym / Maximum capacity: 30 students  /  Instructor: Marita Cardinal


Dances of Motown: Groovy Dances of the 1960’s (both sessions)

Description:  Dances of Motown are the 1960’s dances that were part of the routines of Motown groups such as, The Temptations, The Supremes, The Marvelettes and many others.  The choreographer was the famed dancer, Cholly Atkins.  In our workshop,, we will learn the 60’s dances that made their way to the west coast, specifically Los Angeles.

Location:  Maple Hall / Maximum capacity:  30 /  Instructor:  Les Watanabe


Dance in Musical Theatre (morning session only)

Description: Dance in Musical Theatre encompasses a great many styles of dance including jazz, tap, ballet and social dance.  In this workshop, students will learn dance steps from a variety of styles of musical theatre both old and new. No experience necessary.

Location: HWC 302 / Maximum capacity: 30 Students / Instructor: Sharon Oberst


Dance Improvisation (morning session only)

Description:  Improvisation in dance is the act of creating movement spontaneously. In this workshop, students will be given guidelines in order to foster movement exploration and invention.  Focus will be on self-expression. No prior dance training is necessary.

Location: OPE 212 dance studio   /  Maximum capacity: 20 students  /  Instructor: Amy McDonnell


Stage Combat! (morning session)

Description: Come and learn how to FAKE FIGHT! Work with Ted deChatelet, a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors, and spend an hour pretending to beat up friends and strangers. Sure to be a good time. Limit 30 students.

Location: MNB 108   / Maximum capacity: 30 students / Instructor: Ted deChatelet


Distress & Decay (morning session)

Description: Learn how to add age to stage props and scenery.

Location: RA 113   / Maximum capacity: 15 students / Instructor: Scott Grim


Acting for the Camera (afternoon session)

Learn the basics of acting for film. Do you know how to “bring it down” for the camera? Can you be truly honest and real? This workshop will introduce you to the nuances of camera acting and give you the opportunity to film and watch your work in an improvised scene.

Location: RA 113   / Maximum capacity: 20 students / Instructor: Ted deChatelet


Breathing Life into Shakespeare (afternoon session)

Description: In this workshop, students will study the methods classical actors use to deepen their relationship to language. This hands-on work will take students on a journey of vocal and physical exploration that will enable them to embody the subtle and not-so-subtle shadings of Shakespearean Verse.

Location: MNB 108 / Maximum capacity: 30 students / Instructor: David Janowiak




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