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Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students who receive qualifying scores in College Board Advanced Placement exams may, upon admission to WOU, be granted credit and/or advanced placement in courses counting toward a bachelor’s degree. The amount of credit allowed will be determined by the program entered and the score received in the exam. A minimum score of a three is required and in some instances a four is the minimum score.


Copies of the test scores should be sent to the Office of the Registrar at WOU. Upon WOU’s receipt of the scores and enrollment of the student, the appropriate units will be credited toward the total hours required for graduation.


Please visit www.wou.edu/catalog for WOU’s Advanced Placement credit guidelines.



International Baccalaureate (IB) policy

Western Oregon University recognizes and awards IB achievement by awarding credit to students who score 5 or above on higher level IB exams.


Please visit www.wou.edu/catalog for WOU’s IB program credit guidelines.


Students completing the full IB Diploma with a score of 30 or higher receive the following:

  1. Guaranteed admission to WOU. Students are required to submit ACT (including writing) or SAT scores for placement purposes.
  2. Provost’s Achievement Scholarship. A renewable four-year award of $2,500 per year will be awarded. Students will also automatically be considered for other WOU scholarships provided they meet application deadlines. The combination of WOU scholarships and need-based campus-based aid may not exceed the total cost of tuition and fees.
  3. Sophomore Standing. Students with a full IB Diploma and a score of 30 or higher will be granted sophomore standing.
  4. Honors Program. The WOU Honors Program will automatically accept students with a full IB Diploma.
  5. Priority Housing. Students who submit their housing application by June 25 will receive priority placement in the residence halls.
  6. Study Abroad and International Internship Programs. WOU will provide IB Diploma recipients with customized workshops focused on their international interests and needs and help match them with a WOU study abroad program or international internship. IB Diploma recipients will also receive personalized advising and support in preparing applications for prestigious awards such as the Fulbright Student Program, the Rhodes Scholarship and the Harry S. Truman Scholarship. For a list of WOU international study opportunities, visit http://wou.edu/studyabroad or contact Study Abroad and International Exchanges Office at 503-838-8905, email: studyabroad@wou.edu.


The Office of Admissions

toll-free at 1877-877-1593 | or e-mail: wolfgram@wou.edu | Location: APSC 408