Non-admitted students

A non-admitted student (non-degree seeking student) must meet one of the following circumstances:

  1. High school students participating in an official WOU high school partnership program
  2. Students enrolled in courses through the Center for Academic Innovation
  3. Students approved to take undergraduate or graduate courses for use at another institution or life-long learning
  4. Members of the WOU staff

A non-admitted student is required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the university as listed in the catalog and schedule of classes.....Click Here

Post-Baccalaureate Application

Students who have already completed a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university may still need to take some undergraduate coursework to apply towards a graduate program requirements, a second degree, or just for personal benefit.  If you received your bachelors degree from Western Oregon University, there is no cost for this application.  If your degree is from another college or university the cost for this application is $60.00.  Click Here for the Post-Bacc Application.

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WOU Visiting You

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Each year, our friends at DHS and Polk Youth Services host a holiday party for the foster children they serve in Polk County. For many years, WOU has sponsored a Toy Drive to support these foster youth, some of whom go on to attend and graduate from WOU. Once again, we ask for your help to brighten the holidays for these kids. As one of the students involved in the Fostering Success Initiative and Wolves Fostering Hope put it:

"Many foster youth go without Christmas presents every year. I know, because that was me. I remember one foster home; on Christmas I sat and watched the “family” open presents - husband, wife, and their two biological children. When I asked why I did not have any presents they responded with: “Santa must've known I was a bad boy, and that’s why I didn’t get any." (Really it was that they already perceived me as a financial burden to them.) This is just one story of many, so please remember the foster youth this Christmas that may be deprived of the "Joys of the Holiday.”

An additional opportunity this year includes the chance to contribute to the purchase of a “wish list” gift for the students in our Fostering Success initiative. You can contribute funds directly to our foundation account by visiting www.wou.edu/give. Click the “Support WOU” button, choose “Other” in the first drop box, then specify "Fostering Success Initiative - Toy Drive.”

In the coming weeks, you’ll see collection boxes in offices around campus and we’ll be collecting gifts and toys for foster youth of all ages through finals week. Let’s make last year’s record setting gift drive pales in comparison to this year’s spirit of giving!

Thank you for your support this holiday season!


Dr. Emily Plec
Communication Studies

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Feature: Focus on Transfer Students a Reflection of Goals

In cooperation with several area community colleges and in accordance with the new strategic plan, Western Oregon University is working towards its goal of becoming the campus of choice for transfer students.


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  • Thank you for the warm welcome Clackamas High School! We enjoyed meeting with your students today! #collegevisit #clackamashighschool
  • Congrats to the students admitted to WOU from Colton High School! #wousaidyes #howlaboutit
  • Kristin is finishing up her onsite admissions event at Sandy High School! Congrats to the students who were admitted today! #wousaidyes #howlaboutit #InstantWolf
  • All of the decision letters are waiting for pick up! #wousaidyes #collegevisit #visitwou
  • Congrats to these 3 Toledo High School students who were admitted to WOU today! #wousaidyes #toledohighschool #GEARUPworks #oregongearup #caw2017 #collegeapplicationweek
  • Wolfie, Dayra, and Kristin are excited to be representing WOU at the Portland NACAC College Fair! Stop by from 1 to 5pm today or 9 to noon tomorrow and say hi! #wouwolfie #woucounselors #portlandnacac #oregonconventioncenter #collegefair
  • Kristin made another pit stop yesterday on the way home and took this with Boomerang! #woutravel #howlaboutit #camp18 #oregon #creek #mistyweather
  • Kristin made a pit stop to grab this picture before her visit at Seaside High School. #seaside #seasidehigh #quickpic #oregoncoast #waves #chillyday
  • Kristin just finished her visit at Wilsonville High School! #woutravel #woucounselors #wilsonvillehighschool
  • Kristin is at the Lincoln County Gear Up College Fair! Stop by and say hi! @oregongearup #woutravel #GEARUPworks #wouwolfie #collegefair #howlaboutit #newporthighschool #toledohighschool #tafthighschool #walporthighschool #lincolncounty
  • Kristin is at Philomath High School! Did you come to her session? #howlaboutit #wouwolfie #woucounselors #wouvisit
  • More students visited from Fort Vancouver to participate in our instant wolf event! #howlaboutit #wousaidyes #wouwolfie


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