Skates, Blades & Boards

Campus Policy
                                        It is the policy of Western Oregon University that only university affiliated students, staff
                                        and faculty are authorized to use skateboards, roller blades or roller skates on the
                                        Western Campus.  This includes sidewalks, entryways, patios, alleys, streets, parking lots,
                                        tennis courts or common areas frequented by pedestrians, automobiles or other foot traffic
                                        areas expressly sanctioned and authorized by the President of her designee for university
                                        related purposes, events or activities.  All non-university individuals will be asked to leave
                                        campus for this activity.


                                        1.  All users are to adhere to pedestrian laws and campus policies and may not exceed six
                                        (6) MPH when using campus sidewalks.

                                        2.  All users are to adhere to pedestrian laws and campus policies when using campus
                                        streets and parking lots.

                                        3.  Users may not use stairways, patios, dock areas, benches, picnic tables or other
                                        university property for jumping as these are obvious hazards.

                                        4.  Users are to refrain from using skateboards, roller blades and other roller skates in
                                        any campus building and may not use the outside tennis courts for this activity unless
                                        given approval to do so.

                                        5.  All users must contact University Public Safety prior to playing any sort of games in or
                                        on campus property to learn what areas are available and authorized.

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