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WOU Alert: Emergency Notification System

On behalf of the Administration of Western Oregon University, I would like to welcome you to the new campus emergency notification system, to be known as the WOUAlert.


A Message to the Community on the WOUAlert system

From Public Safety


Western Oregon University - Department of Public SafetyOn behalf of the Administration of Western Oregon University, I would like to welcome you to this web page describing the new campus emergency notification system, known as the WOUAlert. The Western Oregon University Public Safety Office, Campus Administration and numerous campus departments working together on behalf of the campus community are prepared to implement the WOUAlert system to alert the on-campus and off-campus community to an emergency situation. Throughout these pages, you will find very useful information concerning awareness, education, and resources to better understand your role in case of a WOUAlert.


It is our sincere hope that this information will be of benefit to you and assist you with having the best experience possible with the University as a student, faculty member, staff member or visitor. It is our mission to assist the campus community in providing a safe and secure environment in pursuing your education.


Our hope is that this type of communication device will never be necessary, but if that emergency were to occur, we are ready to deliver timely notification and information to serve our community.


It is our desire that everyone has an enjoyable and safe time at our campus.



What is the WOUAlert System?

The WOUAlert emergency notification system provided by Everbridge (formerly 3n National Notification Network) enables the university to contact the WOU community in the event of an emergency by sending messages via your preferred electronic devices:

WOUAlert is not used to send non-emergency, routine or spam messages.



How will WOUAlert be used?

Situations for which WOUAlert may be used include (but are not limited to):


Under what conditions would you not receive these messages?


What kinds of messages will be sent?

Depending on your device of choice, here is an example of what a WOUAlert message might look like:


Sample message:

WOUALERT – ARMED SUBJECT in the Werner Center.

If you are in Werner Center, evacuate immediately. If you are not in the Werner Center, avoid this area. Visit and check e-mail for details.



How will you know the message is from WOUAlert?

You will know the message is from WOUAlert by the message sender:




Sign-Up/Update Preferences


All WOU students, faculty and staff have their WOU e-mail account address automatically downloaded into the WOUAlert System.  To add contact numbers (cell, office, home, parents), additional e-mail addresses, or text contact information, log into the WOU Portal as normal and click on the WOUAlert icon across the top.  You will be taken to your account information and then can make the additions and/or changes. 


Still have questions?

Contact: The WOU Campus Public Safety Department

Ph: 503-838-8481




Office of Public Safety 503-838-8481 | or e-mail:

Parking Services 503-838-8267 | or e-mail:
Hours: 8am-5pm