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Sexual Harassment: Resources


Resource Guides are Western Oregon University students, staff and faculty, who have volunteered to be available for any WOU student, staff or faculty member, who requests support, information or referrals regarding sexual harassment.  They act as a resource to the campus community regarding sexual harassment or improper consensual relationship issues and questions.  After receiving awareness training, Resource Guides are able to recognize sexual harassment, provide guidance on sexual harassment prevention, listen to and provide support to victims of sexual harassment, provide general information and answer questions about sexual harassment, and provide information about various sexual harassment-related resources available on and off campus.


Please contact any of the Resource Guides if you have questions or concerns.

Resource Guides 2006-2007


Name Department Address Phone Email
Adam Bernot Student   503-751-4774
Byron Bethards Student   88455
Caterina Cortese Student   88497
Ellyce Dionne Student
Lisa Hume Student 
Maegan Lamb Student   503-838-8543
Phil Matthews Student   503-428-3397
Ian Molay Student   88474
Heather Peasley Student   971-235-0289
Heather Shields Student   503-838-9243
Rose Silbernagel Student   503-606-0113
Don Boderman Student Enrichment Program AP 201 88551
Ed Camacho Key Shop Physical Plant 88952  
Keith Carlton Public Safety Watson House 88481
Kris Dalton College of Education ED 202 88471
Debbie Diehm VP/Student Affairs WUC 210F 88423
Nancy Ganson Teaching Research Todd 204 88808
Michael Hampton Service Learning/Career Center WUC 119 88648
Melissa Ineck Campus Rec. Pool (OPE 102A) 88860
Mona K-Hinds Upward Bound APSC 201 88061
Sue Payton Technology Resource Center ITC 204 88967
Shondra Russell Upward Bound APS 201 88617
Alice Sprague Human Resources AD 205 88139
Karen Sullivan-Vance Academic Advising/Learning Center APSC 401 88389
Sue Thompson College of Education ED 201D 88828
Jon Tucker Werner University Center/Student Leadership/Activities WUC 210 88063
Jerry Braza Health Education NPE 216 88253
Peter Callero Sociology Temp: MA 205 88352
Solveig Holmquist Music SH 102A 88437
Deborah Jones Theatre/Dance OPE 116 88263
Mickey Pardew Special Education ED 102 88765
Emily Plec Speech Communication WH 202 88819
Robin Smith Anthropology HSS 210B 88357

To contact us immediately, please call or visit one of the following individuals:

Judy Vanderburg

Human Resources Director/Affirmative Action Officer, AD 205E

Tina Fuchs

University Residences Director/Judicial Affairs Officer, VH 122

Luis Rosa

Student Health Services Director, SH 121

Scott Perfect

Clinical Coordinator/Counselor, SH 133

Jay Carey

Campus Safety and Security Director, CS 104


Office of Human Resources 503-838-8490 | or e-mail: