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Available Textbooks


Dept Course Title
Anth 214 Core Concepts in Biological Anthropology
Art 115 Art Fundamentals
Art 200 series Gardner's Art Through the Ages volume 2
Art 200 series Gardner's Art Through the Ages volume 1
Art 304 History of Modern Art
ASL 201 Signing Naturally level 2
BA 243 Basic Statistics
BA 310 Principles of Marketing
BA 361 Organizational Behaviour (Yang)
BA 361 Organizational Behaviour (Disney)
BA 411 Marketing Strategy
BA 412 Managing Product and Service
Bio 101 Biology 101 custom
Bio 102 Biology 102 custom
Bio 103 Biology 103 custom
Bio 234 Anatomy & Physiology
Bio 324 Vertebrates
Bio 437 Neuroscience
Bio All series Response Card RF LCD
Bio 211 series Campbell Biology
Chem 104 Fundamentals of gen, org, bio chem 104
Chem 105 Fundamentals of gen, org, bio chem 105
Chem 106 Fundamentals of gen, org, bio chem 106
CJ 252 America's Courts and Criminal Justice System
CJ 322 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
CJ 212D Big City Police
CJ 213 Sense and nonsense about crime, drugs
CJ 213 Intro to criminal justice
CJ 327 Basics of Research Methods
CJ 213D Criminal Justice: Brief Into
Comm 111 Concise Public Speaking Handbook
Comm 211 Converging Media
Comm 312 Public relations writing
Comm 323 In Mixed Company
Comm 420 Organizational Communication
Comm 450 Crisis Communications
CS 121 Go! Excel
CS 121 Go! Powerpoint
CS 121 Go! Word
CS 271 Computer Organization and Architecture
CS 449 Artificial Intelligence
Dance 140 Conditioning for dancers
Dance 251 Dancing
Dance 491 First stepsĀ 
Ed 100 Your Introduction to Education
Ed 444 Developing readers and writers in the content areas
Ed 482 Foundations for teaching English
Ed 483 Student cultural diversity
Ed 484 Essential linguistics
Ed 484 Crosscultural, language, and academic development
Ed 491 50 strategies for teaching English
Ed 636 Understanding human differences
Eng 104 Varani eng 104 custom
Eng 104 Story and its writer
Eng 105 Compact Bedford intro to drama
Eng 253 Norton Anthology
ES 104 Earth Science
Gero 430 Chronic Illness
ES 104 Conceptual physical science
Geog 105 Elemental Geosystems
Health 325 Discovering Nutrition
Health 366 Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior
Health 367 Sexuality Now
Health 375 Epidemiology
Health 391 Stress Management and Prevention
Health 473 Introduction to health research methods
HST 106 Worlds together, worlds apart companion
HST 106 Worlds together, worlds apart
HST 202 Give Me Liberty
HST 404 Women's America
ICS 101 On Course: Strategies
ICS 107 On Course: Study Skills
Ling 210 Language: its Structure and Use
Ling 314 English Grammar
Math 296/396 Crossing the River with Dogs
Math Misc TI-84+ Silver Edition Calculator
Music 209 Rock Music Styles
PE 131 Fitness and Wellness
PE 240 Dance a While
PE 244 Methods of group exercise instruction
PE 433 Dynamic physical education for elementary
Phil 103 Concise Intro to Logic
Phil 263 Philosophy of Mind
PS 202 Governing States and localities
PS 203 Global Issues
PS 203 International Relations
PS 440 Conflict after the cold war
PS 440 Why nations go to war
PS 447 Environmental politics and policy
Psy 201 Psychology: themes and variations
Psy 311 Developing Person Through Lifespan
Psy 311 Life-span Development (check with faculty re: edition)
Psy 320 Adult Development and Aging
Psy 334 Social Psychology
Psy 463 Developmental psychopathology
Psy 480 Child Development
Soc 225 Social Problems custom
Span 319 La lengua que heredamos
TA 167 Wadsworth Anthology of Drama
Wr 115 Norton Sampler
Wr 135 From critical thinking to argument


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