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Buying and Selling Textbooks

Buying Textbooks

The best time for students to buy their textbooks is the week before classes begin. Students can save both money and time. By then almost all of the books will have arrived and been put out for sale. The greatest number of used texts will be available. The lines for purchasing textbooks will be very short. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS in case you want to return textbooks for a full refund. New texts must not be marked in for full refund on a return.

If you purchase a textbook from another student, be careful to purchase the right book and correct edition. If you change your mind about taking the class or have a change of instructors through new sections being added, you may be stuck with the book.

Returning Textbooks for Full Refund

To return a new book for full refund, the new book must be in like-new condition, containing no markings. Used books by definition may be marked in. Full refunds for textbooks are available until the second Friday of classes Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Summer term books must be returned within seven days to qualify for a full refund. A WOU Bookstore RECEIPT IS REQUIRED for any full refund.

Selling Used Textbooks

You may sell your books back to the WOU Bookstore at any time. Timing the sale of your used texts can greatly affect the amount you will receive. The best time to sell is dead week and, as soon as possible, finals week. If we have a written order for the text from the instructor and we still need additional copies to fill the order, the bookstore will pay 50 percent of the new book price for your text. If the text is current (a new edition may erode the value until it's not worth anything) and we do not have an order at WOU, we will purchase it for a used textbook wholesaler. They pay much less than half price. If you want to try to sell the book yourself, the Book Exchange, managed by student government, is availble at the beginning of every term to take your book on consignment for a small fee. If it does not sell there, you can try to sell it at the bookstore. By then the bookstore will have bought all of the copies it needs at half price and you will receive whatever the wholesaler is paying.


The WOU Bookstore ships donated books to "Bridges to Asia", a non-profit charity that puts books into the hands of people in the developing nations of the Pacific rim. There is a collection box at the bookstore customer service counter.

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