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The WOU Bookstore is owned and operated by the State of Oregon University System and Western Oregon University. The operations of the bookstore are self-supporting, so that profits from the store must cover costs of merchandise for resale, services, supplies, labor and rent to the Werner University Center. The approximately $152,000 a year in rent reduces the amount of student fees necessary to support the Werner University Center. The primary mission of the WOU Bookstore is to supply the students, faculty, and staff with the necessary supplies and services to carry out the educational objectives of the university. The store also carries convenience items for students who may live on campus and lack transportation to shop elsewhere.

The WOU Bookstore carries a wide variety of imprinted items to build pride and a sense of community for those associated with Western Oregon University. Show your pride in our fine college by using imprinted merchandise.

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Mailing Address: 
The WOU Bookstore 
Werner University Center 
Monmouth, OR 97361 
Telephone: 503-838-8300 
FAX: 503-838-8669 

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