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How is an Information Systems major different from a Computer Science major? This program has a strong business component and is less theoretical than Computer Science. You’ll get applicable, practical training in technology, business operation, management and decision making. Want to learn to create your own software? Information Systems also covers enterprise computing, which you can use to support employers’ specific operations and goals.

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency with the theoretical and practical data management skills necessary to design, build, implement and maintain information networks
  • Recognize the fundamental value of growing with technology through education, research and innovation
  • Articulate ethical and professional standards as they apply to the use of computer systems and computer-based data

Career opportunities

  • Operating system architect
  • System administrator
  • Network security adviser
  • Technical writer
  • Database administrator

Information Systems minor

Enhance your business, economics or mathematics major with a minor in this program, or pair it with a teaching degree or criminal justice major. The ability to create custom software is highly valued by employers, so if you’ve dabbled before, it may be time to get formal training.

credits required for the Information Systems minor



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