Gerontology: Aging and Older Adulthood

As the American population grows older, there is an acute need for trained professionals who can work in numerous fields related to gerontology, elder care services and geriatric medicine. That’s where you come in if you choose this program as your major. WOU’s program is nationally recognized, and graduates often have jobs lined up before they even leave campus. If you enjoy working with and supporting older Americans, consider the field of gerontology.

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the needs of older adults and assess alternatives to address those needs
  • Explain the cognitive, physical, and social changes associated with older adulthood
  • Apply perspectives from two or more disciplines to understanding the needs of older adults

Career opportunities

  • Long-term care administrator
  • Life enrichment coordinator
  • Geriatric caseworker
  • Advocate for older adults
  • Senior social service provider

Gerontology minor

A minor in gerontology is a great complement to a major related to a health care field. “Gero” mixes well with biology, psychology, sociology or social science. Or pair it with Community Health Education if you want to serve the elder population specifically.

credits required for the Gerontology minor



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