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Are you, or have you been working, on a long-term project, presentation, or artwork? The Academic Excellence Showcase is a unique opportunity for you to present your scholarly and creative efforts to the greater WOU community. Many faculty will cancel classes in order to allow greater participation, and provide larger audiences for this important event.


Why you should consider presenting:

  • Gain valuable experience presenting at professional conferences
  • Help gain admissions into graduate school
  • Share your scholarly work with family and friends
  • Enhance presentation skills
  • Build your resume


Contact your session chair:

If you are interested in presenting at the showcase, please contact the faculty you have been working with, or a session chair in your major area listed below.


Discipline/Department/Office Session Chair Phone Email Division
Health, PE, Exercise Science Daryl Thomas 88915 thomasda@wou.edu Health/Exercise Science
Janet Roberts 88446 robertsj@wou.edu Health/Exercise Science
Biology Kristin Latham 88868 lathamk@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Jeff Snyder                                                  88224 snyderj@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Graduate School Amber Deets 88492 deetsa@wou.edu Graduate Programs
Bill Hamlin 88704 hamlinw@wou.edu Graduate Programs
English (Linguistics/Literature/Writing) Tom Rand 88258 randt@wou.edu Humanities
Psychology / Gerontology David Foster 88805 fosterd@wou.edu Behavioral Sciences
Jaime Cloud 89211 cloudj@wou.edu Behavioral Sciences
Music Concert Ike Nail 88341 naili@wou.edu Creative Arts
Music / Research, History, Ethnomusicology Diane R. Baxter 88542 baxterd@wou.edu Creative Arts
Philosophy Mark Perlman 88969 perlman@wou.edu Humanities
Sociology Dean Braa 88270 braad@wou.edu Social Sciences
Communication Studies Emily Plec 88819 plece@wou.edu Humanities
Paula Baldwin 88065 baldwinp@wou.edu Humanities
Politics, Policy & Administration Mary Pettenger 88301 pettengm@wou.edu Social Sciences
Maurice Prize Breeann Flesch 89489 fleschb@wou.edu Provost/NSM
Dance Amy McDonnell 88827 mcdonnella@wou.edu Creative Arts
Criminal Justice / Forensic Anthropology Misty Weitzel 88520 weitzelm@wou.edu Social Science
Mathematics Cheryl Beaver 88404 beaverc@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Michael Ward 88443 wardm@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Matthew Nabity 88916 nabitym@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Honors General Science Philip Wade 88225 wadep@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Arlene Courtney 88207 courtna10@aol.com Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Chemistry Arlene Courtney 88207 courtna10@aol.com Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Patricia Flatt 88644 flattp@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
History John Rector 88294 rectorj@wou.edu Social Sciences
Art Jen Bracy 88534 bracyj@wou.edu Creative Arts
Jodie Garrison 88027 garrisonj@wou.edu Creative Arts
Earth and Physical Science Steve Taylor 88398 taylors@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Melinda Shimizu 89320 shimizum@wou.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Anthropology Robin Smith 88357 smithr@wou.edu Social Sciences
Teacher Education Alicia Wenzel 88668 wenzela@wou.edu Teacher Education
Carmen Caceda 88409 cacedac@wou.edu Teacher Education
Holly Eckles 88824 ecklesh@wou.edu Teacher Education
Deaf Studies & Professional Studies Michael Olivier 88324 olivierm@wou.edu College of Education
Abby’s House Andrea Hugmeyer 89657 hugmeyera@wou.edu Student Affairs (TRI)
Business and Economics Jennifer Yang 88799 yangj@wou.edu Business and Economics
Theatre Michael Phillips 88433 phillipm@wou.edu Creative Arts
Computer Science/Information Systems Mitchel Fry 88339 frym@wou.edu Computer Science / Information Systems
Modern Languages (Spanish) Elizabeth Braun 88523 braune@wou edu Humanities
Kathleen Connolly 89495 connollyk@wou.edu Humanities






Academic Excellence Showcase

(503) 838-8702 | or e-mail: howarda@wou.edu