About Volunteering at AES

Academic Excellence Showcase (AES) is a full-day, conference-style event in which approximately 400 WOU students will present their scholarly activities. Presentations take the form of talks, posters, videos, fine arts performances, and visual arts displays organized into sessions. Volunteers play an essential role in supporting a successful showcase, and in return receive valuable experience in a conference environment.


Session Aids:

Some sessions require the assistance of one or two student volunteers called Session Aids who provide assistance to the Session Coordinator in keeping the session running smoothly and on time. Session Aid roles may include greeting attendees at the session room entrance, passing out tickets to attendees who are leaving the session between presentations, timing presentations to help stay on schedule or passing out pamphlets or other materials during a presentation. The goal of AES is to create a professional experience for presenters and attendees and our volunteer aids are essential in helping achieve this goal.


Conference Aids:

Conferences require a lot of behind the scenes work to run smoothly. This work occurs on the day of the conference as well as the days before and after it. AES Conference Aids, help ensure the smooth running of the entire conference by assisting with tasks such as manning the AES information desk, handing out conference tags, moving easels, placing and swapping-out signs at the appropriate hours, distributing tickets, and many other essential tasks.
All Session Aids who volunteer for at least one full shift receive a certificate of thanks for their service. Aids that volunteer for more than two shifts are recognized as Lead Aids.