Showcase is a chance for our amazing students to share the fruits of their academic labors, present in a professional conference setting, and build their resume. To ensure that the quality of work that is shown at AES is of top quality, every student who makes a submission to AES is required to have a faculty or staff member who sponsors their work. If you are working with a student who has produced an outstanding project, presentation, or artwork, approach the student and offer to sponsor them at this upcoming Showcase.

To learn more about the submission requirements and deadlines for students see the student and deadline sections of our website.


Responsibilities of a Faculty/Staff sponsor:


The main responsibility of a faculty or staff member who is serving as a student sponsor is to guide the student though the process of submitting their work and then preparing for their presentation. Most students have never even attended a professional conference, let alone submitted to present at one. You should expect that your student will need help knowing how to write an abstract and choose a title. They may need help keeping track of deadlines and they will certainly benefit from your review and guidance as they polish their work for presentation.


What is the difference between a “faculty/staff sponsor” and a “session chair”?


A Session Chair curates a set of presentations that reflect a common theme or discipline: this set is called a session. To do this, the Session Chair first submits a session request where they provide all the necessary details about the session. This request is reviewed by AES. Once approved, the Session Chair presides over their session, ensures presenters’ participation, and makes sure the session runs smoothly.

A Faculty or Staff sponsor does not propose a session or preside over a session. Instead, the faculty or staff sponsor works directly with a student or set of students who wish to present at Showcase. The sponsor mentors the student(s) to ensure the highest quality abstract is submitted through the student submission form. The sponsor also makes sure that students’ final presentations are top notch.

A faculty or staff member may choose to be both a session chair and a sponsor, or they may choose to be only one or the other.


How will I know when if my student has successfully submitted his/her/their presentation?


When a student completes the Student Submission Form they will be required to enter the name and contact information for their faculty sponsor. When the hit the “submit” button at the end of the form you will get an auto-generated email notifying you of the submission.


Should I complete an IRB application with my student presenter?


The purpose of Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight of research is to assure the protection of both the research participants and the researcher. If your student’s work involves human participants, please check with the IRB to determine whether you are exempt from IRB approval, or must obtain it for your students’ research and presentations. For more information about the WOU IRB process, please visit the website at