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PURE and President Fuller, in collaboration with co-chairs Laurie Burton and Melinda Shimizu, invite submissions to the special Academic Excellence Showcase Plenary Session on Solar Eclipses to be held on the day of Showcase June 1st 2017Presentations of all formats are welcome, by students of all disciplines, that address the topic of solar eclipses, including their history, cultural significance, scientific understanding, mathematical predictions, and aesthetic inspiration. Since Western Oregon University’s founding in 1856 there has been only one total solar eclipse visible from campus, which took place February 26, 1979. The next will be this summer on August 21, 2017. Solar eclipses occur about every 18 months somewhere on Earth, but occur far less regularly in any one specific place, and Total Solar Eclipses are especially rare. During a Total Solar Eclipse, locations in the path experience total darkness, the temperature may drop 20 degrees, stars become visible, and the corona of the sun may be viewed. People who have viewed Total Solar Eclipses have described the experience as spiritual, memorable, and with feelings that it is an once-in-a-lifetime event. Such an event also inspires great curiosity into the science and history behind what we experience today and how people have experienced similar events in the past. To that end, we invite all Western students to submit a proposal to present in the Eclipse Plenary Session. Submissions will be reviewed by the PURE committee and the Plenary co-chairs and those judged to represent academic excellence will be invited to present at this special Plenary Session on June 1st where we will explore the many facets of Solar Eclipses and the stories that surround them.




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