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Academic Effectiveness

In 2017-18, we are assessing Written Communication and Inquiry & Analysis university-wide.
  • FAQ on 2017-18 Assessment of Undergraduate Learning Outcomes
  • Contact Dr. Erin Baumgartner (Chair, AFSC, baumgare@wou.edu) if you are interested in serving on either of the PLCs.
In 2016-17, we reviewed Quantitative Literacy university-wide.
  • Report of the 2016-17 QL PLC (September 2017)
  • Fall Campus Conversation:  ULO Assessment (2016-17: Quantitative Literacy) — What next?  (held on September 20, 2017)
WOU’s undergraduate learning outcomes (ULO’s)

ULO’s, the future of jobs and what employers seek:  Click here

The civic case for a liberal and transformative education

The economic case for a liberal and transformative education

Alignment and assessment

Timelines for assessment of undergraduate programs and general education

Assignment Design

Assignment Design and Library (LEAPTx)

Transparent Assignment Design (UNLV)

All 16 LEAP rubrics:  Helpful in thinking about other program outcomes and how to measure them



Sue Monahan, Associate Provost for Academic Effectiveness

503-838-9216 | or e-mail: smonahan@wou.edu  | Location: ITC 205C