In 2018-19, we will assess Integrative Learning and Diversity university-wide.
In 2017-18, we are assessing Written Communication and Inquiry & Analysis university-wide.
  • FAQ on 2017-18 Assessment of Undergraduate Learning Outcomes
In 2016-17, we reviewed Quantitative Literacy university-wide.
  • Report of the 2016-17 QL PLC (September 2017)
  • Fall Campus Conversation:  ULO Assessment (2016-17: Quantitative Literacy) — What next?  (held on September 20, 2017)
WOU’s undergraduate learning outcomes (ULO’s)

ULO’s, the future of jobs and what employers seek

The civic case for a liberal and transformative education

The economic case for a liberal and transformative education

Alignment and assessment

Timelines for assessment of undergraduate programs  and general education

Assignment Design

Assignment Design and Library (LEAPTx )

Transparent Assignment Design (UNLV)

All 16 LEAP rubrics :  Helpful in thinking about other program outcomes and how to measure them



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