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Tutorial transcript:

00:01    Welcome.
00:02    This tutorial will walk you through completing a Juried Assessment.
00:07    First, enter Tk20 by going to your portal
00:10    and clicking the Tk20 button.
00:22    In the Tk20 homepage, under the Pending Tasks section
00:26    there will be a list of Juried Assessments assigned to you.
00:30    Click on the Juried Assessment that you would like to begin.
00:35    This will take you to the main screen for that Juried Assessment
00:38    and you will see a list of items to be assessed.
00:42    This sample list shows consecutive numbers: student 1, student 2, and student 3.
00:50    You may notice that the list on your screen has missing numbers:
00:54    For example, it may start with student 3, then skip to student 6, then have student 7 and 8.
01:01    That is normal, because in a typical juried assessment,
01:04    you will not see every item being assessed, just a random sample.
01:10    Click on the first item in the list, and a split screen will open.
01:17    The left hand side shows the document you are currently assessing,
01:22    and links to view or download the document.
01:26    Not all documents will have a “View and Annotate” option.
01:30    If the document you’re reviewing does have this option,
01:33    you can click on it to view the document on the left side of the split screen.
01:38    You can resize this to see more by dragging the middle bar.
01:45    If the document you’re reviewing does not have a “View and Annotate” button,
01:51    or you prefer to open the document in a different window, click the “Download” link.
02:02    As you review the document,
02:04    fill in your scores and assessment on the right hand side of the screen.
02:17    Once you are finished scoring,
02:20    click the “Submit Next” button to save this assessment
02:26    and automatically move to the next document.
02:29    Now that you are on the next document,
02:31    you may need to scroll back up on your screen to see the next document.
02:42    if you need to stop at some point before you’ve finished all of the documents,
02:45    just click “Submit” if you’re done with this particular document or “Save Draft” if you’re not.
02:58    Your screen may look blank at this point, but this is another situation where you just
03:03    need to scroll up to the top of the window.
03:10    If you need to make changes to an assessment after you’ve submitted it,
03:15    click on that item,
03:19    scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and click revoke assessment.
03:28    You will then be able to adjust the scores and other information you entered previously.
03:47    When you’re done making adjustments, click submit,
03:50    and you will be returned to the main screen for this Juried Assessment.
04:01    Thanks for watching.
04:02    If you have any questions, or you’d like any assistance in doing a juried assessment,
04:07    feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.


Erin Baumgartner, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Effectiveness

503-838-8348 | or e-mail: baumgare@wou.edu Location: ITC 205C