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Tutorial transcript:

00:01    Welcome.
00:02 This tutorial will walk through the steps
00:04 for creating a plan for assessing program learning outcomes
00:09 You don’t need to worry about whether you
00:11 are ready to submit right now
00:13 as you can save your plan, without submitting, at any point
00:18 So let’s get started
00:21 From your portal screen click the Tk20 button to take you to TK20
00:33 Before you do anything else it is important to switch to the correct role in Tk20
00:38 To do this, click on your name
00:42 in the very top of the window on the right side
00:47 select, below your name, from the drop-down list,
00:54 “Program Assessment Coordinator”
00:57 if you don’t see this option please have your
00:59 department or division chair contact us
01:04 click the OK button on the warning window that pops up
01:11 now you’re in the assessment coordinator role
01:16 click the planning button in the red toolbar on the left
01:22 the red toolbar will disappear to the side
01:25 and now you have two buttons on the top of the screen
01:30 click the button that says “Assessment Planning”
01:33 and a list will appear below it
01:36 about halfway down that list
01:39 it will say “Assessment Planning” again
01:42 click on that and then click on “Plan Data Entry” in the submenu
01:50 a new page will open
01:53 titled “Plan Data Entry”
01:55 the first item on this page is labeled “Organization”
02:01 click on the drop down list
02:02 and choose the program that you’re entering assessment information for
02:07 you’ll probably have only one or two items in this list – that’s OK
02:12 the letters in front of the program name indicate
02:17 the college and the division that the program is in
02:24 if the program that you’re working on isn’t in your list of organizations
02:29 or you have any questions about which organization to choose, please contact us
02:35 for this example I’m going to use Academic Effectiveness
02:39 as my program
02:42 now, just below the grey bar
02:46 confirm that the “View By” says “Program Learning Outcome”
02:52 even though this list has “Undergraduate Learning Outcomes”
02:56 and your program outcomes may align with university-wide undergraduate learning outcomes
03:01 or graduate learning outcomes
03:03 your program’s assessment work will be entered
03:06 under “Program Learning Outcome”
03:09 the alignments between program learning outcomes
03:12 and university-wide learning outcomes are also stored by Tk20
03:18 so when you enter your program’s information in this area
03:22 it will automatically be recorded as supporting the university-wide learning outcomes
03:28 that your program outcomes are aligned with
03:31 you can find more information about these
03:33 alignments on our web site
03:36 just to the right
03:39 there’s another drop down list for assessment period
03:42 confirm that the correct academic year is selected
03:46 based on the year that the data will be, or was, collected
03:52 there should now be outcomes below the black bar
03:56 if you don’t see any listed double check and make sure that
03:59 “Program Learning Outcome” is selected in “View By”
04:07 click on one of the outcomes
04:13 a new page has opened
04:17 with the outcome that you clicked on at the top of the screen
04:22 the first tab on this screen, labeled “Assessment Plan,”
04:26 is where the plan for assessment will be entered
04:29 this is generally filled out before any actual
04:32 assessment work is done each year
04:35 this form matches the word document that programs
04:39 used in previous years to create and submit their assessment plan
04:45 for the 2017-18 academic year if we have prior plans on file for the program
04:52 we’ve pre-filled this tab based on the most recent plan on file
04:58 so if you see that this tab is pre-filled please review what we’ve entered and edit,
05:03 or adjust, or even delete as necessary
05:06 otherwise enter your plan here
05:14 you can select a file, or files, to upload as well,
05:19 if you’re using a rubric for your scoring you don’t have to copy and paste it in
05:24 if you don’t want to if you have a separate file to upload
05:28 this button right here is where you would do that, where it says “Select Files”
05:32 if you are copying and pasting information in
05:37 you can click on “Rich Text Formatting”
05:41 this has a button that will allow you to paste from Word
05:46 and save the information in the formatting that you have it in Word
05:52 once you’ve reviewed, edited, or entered your plan,
05:55 look for the box at the bottom
05:58 labeled “Data Collection Status”
06:03 this isn’t asking about the collection of
06:08 the actual assessment data
06:09 but instead is referring to just the data for this tab
06:14 so essentially it is asking you for the status
06:17 of the creation of your plan
06:20 it is used to help you keep track of what
06:22 still needs to be done for your program
06:25 so if you’ve finished entering your plan on
06:28 this screen, select “Yes” here
06:31 but if you’re planning to come back later
06:34 to finish then select “No”
06:36 you can come back later and make edits if
06:40 need be even if you do click “Yes”
06:43 it doesn’t lock the tab
06:46 if you’ve made any changes on this tab be sure to click save at this point
06:57 now you might find yourself with what looks like a blank screen
07:02 because you are scrolled so far down in the previous screen, Tk20 has left you scrolled down
07:08 just go ahead and scroll back up
07:10 and you’ll be back at your list of outcomes
07:13 now you can repeat the process for each outcome
07:18 click into it and edit, adjust, or delete as necessary
07:22 if one or more outcomes will not be assessed for this academic year
07:27 please delete any pre-filled information in the assessment plan tab for that outcome and
07:33 then save that
07:35 your plan is now created
07:38 you can view it at any time by choosing “View Plans” in the Assessment Plan submenu
07:49 your next steps are to execute your plan and then record the results in Tk20
07:54 which will be covered in a different tutorial
07:58 Thanks for watching!
08:01 if you have any questions or you’d like any assistance in creating your plan,
08:05 just let us know, we’re happy to help.


Erin Baumgartner, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Effectiveness

503-838-8348 | or e-mail: baumgare@wou.edu Location: ITC 205C