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How is WOU using TK20?

  • The College of Education uses TK20 for a variety of assessment and accreditation related activities.
  • Faculty PLCs for Writing and Inquiry & Analysis are using TK20 to do juried review of student work so that we can better understand the opportunities our students have to demonstrate their skills and their achievement levels
  • The Graduate Committee used TK20 to do juried review of graduate samples of Analytic Inquiry
  • The WOU Strategic Plan is being built into TK20 so that, as units develop their own action plans, the plans can be aligned with the institution’s overall direction.
  • By the end of Spring we will set up “Assessment Planning” in TK20 for programs that would like to move away from submitting paper assessment reports and plans by email.
  • In summer 2018, we will set up the “Accreditation” management function, so that our mid-cycle report to NWCCU can be managed through TK20.

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Erin Baumgartner, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Effectiveness

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