Program Assessment — Every Year

Each year every academic program assesses student achievement of at least one program learning outcome.  The report for a given academic year is due on October 31 of the next academic year.

You can find your program’s assessment plan and reports submitted in the past at this link:  Program assessment  (WOU campus access only: You will be prompted to provide your paw print – portal – credentials)

Quick link to download the Program Assessment Plan Template

Quick link to download the Program Assessment Report Template

Some programs are moving towards using TK20, our new accreditation management software, for reporting on assessment activities.  TK20 will streamline the process of reporting.  Please contact Sue Monahan ( if you would like to explore this option.

ULO Assessment — Every year

Each year WOU selects 1-2 Undergraduate Learning Outcome’s for institution-wide review.  The Undergraduate Programs webpage has information and links for WOU’s assessment of ULOs.  You will only participate in ULO assessment if you teach a course aligned (by Primary ULO) to that year’s ULO.  Check course goals to see what your Primary ULOs are.  You can expect calls for submissions towards middle of Fall, Winter and Spring terms.  Submission due dates are December 31 (Fall), March 31 (Winter) and May 31 (Spring) of each year.

Academic Program Review — Every Seven Years

Academic program review is a new process at WOU.  Every seven years, academic programs will conduct a holistic review of the program, its students’ learning and achievements, and its path going forward.  The review schedule is being finalized, and will be posted below soon.

Program Outcomes

Every academic program has student learning outcomes, what students know, are or can do upon completion of the degree.  You can find those outcomes at this link:  WOU Program Learning Outcomes

Course Goals

Use this link to look up course goals.  You can also see how the course goals align to program outcomes and undergraduate/graduate learning outcomes (ULO’s/GLO’s).

Plan for Academic Effectiveness

Here is the evolving Plan for assessment and academic effectiveness.


Willamette Promise

Willamette Promise is a consortium with OIT, Corban University, 3 ESD’s and almost 40 school districts in our region.  Through the Willamette Promise, WOU provides opportunities for high school students to earn assessment-based college credits for core OTM-AAOT courses.


Sharing the results of assessment, good or bad, is an essential part of a successful assessment program. Faculty can learn from one another. Each department needs to see what the others are doing and how well their efforts are working. Such sharing provides opportunities for departments to engage in peer review, steer away from failed experiences, and replicate successes where appropriate. – Wendy Weiner (2009). “Establishing a culture of assessment.” Academe June/July, AAUP



Sue Monahan, Associate Provost for Academic Effectiveness

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