A university standing committee led by faculty, the Assessment Facilitation Steering Committee (AFSC) advises the Provost on processes and policies for aligning, assessing and improving student achievement of learning outcomes in general education and academic programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The committee advocates for a culture of assessment and data-driven decision making that helps WOU better serve students in a rapidly changing world.

AFSC Membership 2017/18

Assessment Facilitation Steering Committee (AFSC) Charter

WOU Proposal to participate in AACU 2016 Institute on General Education and Assessment

5 year plan for ULO assessment and curricular innovation (developed at IGEA)

President’s Report to the WOU Board of Trustees:  The Imperative for Alignment, Assessment and Improvement

Academic Effectiveness at WOU


Summary Data from 06.01.16

Results of September 2016 poll of faculty on preferred LEAP learning outcomes

LEAP alignment with undergraduate program outcomes

Prevalence of LEAP alignment with general education courses, Spring 2016



Assessment Facilitation Steering Committee (AFSC)

Committee Chair: Erin Baumgartner503-838-8348 | or e-mail: baumgare@wou.edu | Location: NS 117