Align Assess Evolve Excel

To achieve academic effectiveness at WOU, we:
  • Align: We coordinate our teaching efforts
  • Assess: We study learning as a community of scholars
  • Evolve: We use what we learn to improve
  • Excel: Together we succeed
News and timely links
  • Undergraduate Course goals submitted by May 10, 2017 (graduate course goals coming soon)
  • NEW LINK!  Why Accreditation?  Earning the Public’s Trust
  • In 2017-18, we will be assessing two ULO’s — Written Communication and Inquiry & Analysis — university-wide.
    • Dr. Melinda Shimizu (Earth Science) will chair the Inquiry and Analysis Professional Learning Community (PLC).
    • Dr. Lars Soderlund (Writing) will chair the Written Communication PLC.
    • Contact Dr. Erin Baumgartner (Chair, AFSC, if you are interested in serving on either of the PLCs.
  • Updated Assessment Plans for Program Learning Outcomes due June 1, 2017Template
  • Glossary of terms

Assessment Facilitation Steering Committee (AFSC)

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Sue Monahan, Associate Provost for Academic Effectiveness

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