Academic Effectiveness at WOU

To achieve academic effectiveness at WOU, we:
  • Align: Together, we coordinate our curriculum so that courses contributed to stated outcomes
  • Assess: Together, we study the effectiveness of our curriculum in meeting our stated outcomes by examining student work. 
  • Evolve: Together, we support course, curriculum and pedagogy practices that work and adjust when assessment findings point to needed improvements
  • Excel: Together, we succeed with lasting opportunities for student success through transformative education and personalized support.

Access the Program Assessment Tk20 aligned plan template to prepare for your June assessment plan entry!

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Upcoming TK20 assessment planning workshops

All held in ITC 205

Thursday March 7 11:00 am
Monday March 11 3:00 pm
Tuesday March 19 1:00 pm
Friday April 5 11:00 am
Wednesday April 10 4:00 pm
Tuesday April 16 12:00 pm
Monday April 22 10:00 am
Tuesday April 30 9:00 am
Thursday cancelled May 9 3:00 pm
Monday May 13 1:00 pm
Thursday May 23 3:00 pm
Friday May 24 9:00 am
Wednesday May 29 11:00 am
  • Program Review: Academic Program Review occurs once every seven years and drives continuous improvement through (1) critical evaluation of current activities (e.g., self-study), (2) identification of specific strengths and areas for improvement, and (3) program-level strategic planning that aligns programs and resource allocation with the university mission and strategic plan. While drawing on assessment results to inform review, Program Review is more global than assessment of learning.

WOU engages in the work of Academic Effectiveness at several levels.

  • Assessment of program learning outcomes: Academic programs have identified learning outcomes for students. Each year student program faculty assess student attainment of at least one outcome. Programs use this information to improve student learning, as needed.
  • Assessment of general education learning outcomes: WOU’s undergraduate general education program has identified learning outcomes for students. Each year WOU assesses student attainment of one or more outcomes. Primarily through the General Education Committee, WOU uses this information to improve student learning, as needed.
  • Assessment of degree (i.e., Bachelor’s, Master’s) outcomes: WOU undergraduate degrees as a whole are defined by five broad learning outcomes (ULO’s): Diversity, Inquiry & Analysis, Integrative Learning, Quantitative Literacy and Written Communication. Each year, WOU focuses on one or two of these outcomes for university-wide assessment of our student’s attainment of our goals for them.
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Erin Baumgartner, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Effectiveness

503-838-8348 | or e-mail: Location: ITC 205C